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Steinway’s Golden Age

Our driving passion is to perfectly restore vintage Steinways to their former glory. For 35 years restoring thousands of Steinways, we have developed proprietary techniques, built specialized equipment, mastered every facet of piano design and mechanics, and hired and trained the most talented craftsmen and technicians in the industry. All of this mastery and experience is what it takes to produce our exceptional quality of rebuilt Steinway piano.

The best Steinways ever built were built 100 years ago

Theodore Steinway agreed as well
As reported in the Wall Street Journal



Genuine Steinway Parts

When different rebuilders restore the same pianos the results can vary greatly. Our Steinway pianos are rebuilt by a team of extraordinary craftsmen using genuine Steinway parts and the highest quality materials. To see for yourself, enjoy a tour of our factory

Our Rebuilt Steinways
Average Rebuilder

Genuine Steinway Parts

Many rebuilders save money by not using genuine Steinway parts in their restored Steinways. We use only the highest quality parts including the best genuine Steinway parts.

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Renner Actions

Renner actions are the most precise and responsive in the market and are the preferred actions for most pianists. Steinway & Sons uses them in their new Steinway Hamburg pianos, and we use them as well. And since each Steinway piano works best with only one of many possible combinations of action parts, our Renner-trained technicians custom-select and perfectly fit just the right Renner parts for each Steinway action that they rebuild. Renner parts cost more, so many rebuilders don’t use them, and those that do use them often don’t have the expertise to custom-select and fit them as we do.

The craftsmen who install and calibrate the actions and dampers in our rebuilt Steinways are the most highly trained and experienced in the industry. Our tuners and technicians who voice our pianos and make them concert-ready are invaluable in creating a polished, finished product. The dedication and attention to detail by these specialists yields the highest quality rebuilt Steinway piano available.



Hand-Wound Bass Strings

Hand-wound bass strings are essential to create a powerful bass sound. Less expensive, machine-wound bass strings used by many rebuilders do not produce the dramatic depth of sound that typifies our rebuilt Steinways.


Soundboards by Bolduc

White spruce is the preferred soundboard material for practically every high-end piano manufacturer, and for us. Our soundboard material, supplied by Bolduc, comes from Adirondack eastern white spruce trees, the finest in North America. Careful culling and seasoning of this wood yields premium soundboard material with unsurpassed tonal quality and durability. Steinways restored with other, lower cost soundboard materials (like Sitka Spruce) do not perform as well as pianos that have soundboards made from premium white spruce.

An exact fit of the carved soundboard to the inner cabinet rim, which we carefully achieve in every piano we rebuild, is essential for maximal sound projection. An imprecise fit, found in many other rebuilt Steinways, causes the sound to be weak and muffled.


Bridge Caps by Bolduc

The hard rock maple that we acquire from Bolduc yields bridge caps that are unmatched in purity and strength. Bridge pins set in this superior, rock-solid material provide solid anchors for strings, which is essential for their tones to be steady and true. Steinways restored with other, lower cost bridges tend to produce tones that are imperfect and less stable.




Premium Hand-Rubbed Lacquer Finish

In our refinishing process, the cabinet and case parts are meticulously repaired and smoothed and then coated with multiple layers of lacquer, each of which is carefully hand-sanded. The final coat is hand-rubbed to a rich satin luster. No other piano rebuilder invests the time and effort that we do to achieve the truly beautiful appearance that distinguishes our rebuilt Steinways from all others.


20-Year Warranty

Our 20-year warranty is a testament to the high quality of our work. Steinway pianos that we rebuilt 20 years ago are every bit as good today as the day they were rebuilt, and for the 35 years that we have been in business, we have not had a single substantial warranty claim! Furthermore, our size and financial stability assures that we will be here to serve our clients long after many other piano rebuilders have moved on.


Rebuild non-Steinway Pianos

Unlike other rebuilders that restore a variety of piano brands, all of our efforts are applied to restoring Steinways. This specialization has enabled us to bring our Steinway restoration techniques and processes to the very highest level.


Weeks to Rebuild a Piano

To rebuild a Steinway piano to top specifications takes us approximately 32 weeks. Other rebuilders complete their pianos much more quickly. However, speed comes at the expense of quality. This is true with regard to a wide variety of rebuilding operations such as installing soundboards and pin blocks, installing and regulating new actions, and hand-sanding (or not) between multiple coats of lacquer.


Cost vs Benefit

The efficiencies that we achieve with our higher volumes and refined manufacturing processes enable us to charge very competitive prices even though we provide the highest quality. As a result, very few customers that try our Steinways end up buying one elsewhere.


Compare to the Best

Our restored Steinways are showcased alongside nearly new Steinway pianos and next to the world’s most acclaimed and prestigious new pianos such as Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Fazioli, and Yamaha CF at our affiliate, Faust Harrison Pianos- this is literally the only place in the world where all of these great pianos can be compared side by side. We are proud that our rebuilt Golden Era Steinways compare so well to the competition. Visit a Faust Harrison showroom and see for yourself!




And the Math is Easy

Our Rebuilt Steinways’ value proposition is clear:

  • Comparable cost
  • Lower depreciation

Once customers visit us very few purchase a rebuilt Steinway elsewhere.


You get what you pay for.

When it comes to rebuilt Steinways, our quality is unsurpassed.


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America`s Largest Independent Steinway Rebuilder

  • “No one focuses on detail the way you do!”
    Andrea Skerratt

  • “Their technical knowledge of piano mechanics is the Gold Standard.” Kenneth Huber

  • “This Steinway makes the top three I have ever played!” Heather Hamilton

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